Planning Tips

As with any destination wedding, island weddings bring their own unique challenges. Here are a few to consider as you plan for your big day on Amelia Island.


You will need to be aware of the tides if you are having your ceremony (or reception) on the beach. You don’t want the water to creep up on you unexpectedly during your vows.


Florida weather can go from hot and balmy to freezing, all within a matter of days, especially during the winter months. Keep this in mind when deciding on a location for the ceremony, reception or what style of wedding gown you will wear. If you plan on a summer wedding, consider a dress with less material that will allow you to be comfortable in the hot, humid temperatures in this part of the country.

Sunblock would be a good idea as well, even in the winter, if you are wearing an off the shoulder dress.

Getting everyone to the ceremony/reception

Friends or relatives with disabilities need special consideration at certain locations. For example, be sure to check that there is wheelchair access at your ceremony/reception locations, especially the beach. Also, be sure to make any rental car reservations well in advance, since Amelia Island is a resort/travel destination, as you may find few available for your guests depending on the time of year.